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Identify the objective:
Objective: Increase the fans on our pages and build youth alliances
Time; 6 months
Audiences: Adolescents & young people

April 2012 progress:
  • Working on social media policy.
  • Planning to conduct training in May 2012 for other staffs as well to bring more young blood on board to get more ideas for our social media action plan and working.

May 2012 progress:
  • Discussion with Sheena about Policy and action plan. Communication manager (Farhat) is also involved in it equally.
  • Arrange session on Social Media for networked NGO at Aahung to introduce them social media tools.
  • in that session, they were asked to contribute their ideas to make our action plan for facebook

June 2012 progress:
  • On the Beth's feedback, we revised our smart objective and reduced from 500 likes to 350 likes by November 2012
  • Secondly in this month, we actually implemented different engagement strategy to increase the virality of our post in which we were successful to increase our virality from 1% -2% to 7-8% per post which is again a small milestone towards our success
  • In this month, we also got success in increasing of our fan likes on FB page that is 150 to 210 which is almost 25% of our target which is again good part.
  • On engagement strategy, we got some feedback from Sheena (Director and red dot as well) which we incorporated on our page
  • In the follow up call of June 2012, we committed to Beth to make network with at least one like minded organization on FB page by August 2012 which we achieved in this month.. which is greattt !!!!
  • The organization's name which liked our effort is Talking About Reproductive & Sexual Health Issues (TARSHI) Delhi
  • Lastly, one of the colleague were introduced in the networked NGO group i.e. Sohail Dossa (Communication Coordinator) who was interested in our efforts and we hope that he will be a great help to achieve our target in future as well

October 2012 progress:
  • Our fan target has been achieved. Now we have 370 fans.
  • Now we have implemented many strategies I learnt in the training . For example: discussion, Special Days celebration, article sharing, picture sharing
  • Our Social Media policy draft is under review of Managers
  • Now as we have tested many strategies so we are now more confident to use it in future as well.

What did you learn from measuring your Face book content this month?
2) Think back to April, 2012, where was your organization in terms of using social media?
  • We had less interaction with fans. No policy, no action plan, no work plan.
  • Less knowledge about strategies which can be used on the page.
  • Content sharing was less
3) Where are you now? What did you did learn? What is your big success?
  • We had limited fams and content to share on page.
  • Less interaction with fans which has been increased.
  • Regular posting of content
  • Coalition with like minded organization (TARSHI) was successful

4) What is your next step?
  • Finalization of Social Media policy
  • Continuation of content sharing which is mainly adopted by Communication department for its sustainability.


  • Increase the fans likes by 350 on Face book by November, 2012
  • Build supportive networks with 3 SRHR groups of at least 75 members in 6 months i.e. November 2012 (preferable youth networks)

Look & feel:
Review all comments and messages on the page on daily basis and reply it without unnecessary delay. Share our documentaries, IEC materials, training updates, interviews on media channels and articles (printed on SRHR issues). Generate at least 1 on line discussion on monthly basis to clarify people myths and misconception. Conduct once in 2 month competitions on SRHR slogans.

Work flow:
There would be daily posting of at least one article on SRHR. Simultaneously, there would be promotional posting of documentaries, training updates, interviews, articles and IEC materials on frequent intervals to avoid any delay and back log. Research, monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator will be assigned to posting and monitoring of those stuffs.

Listening & Outreach:
To monitor the content of face book,
Insight application will be used.
contact SRHR fan pages and groups to build supportive networks and liking their pages and actively posting comments on their page and encourage them to participate at our pages as well.
send out invitation emails to several addresses to increase traffic on our facebook page
link all social sites of Aahung on its websites

There is a weekly posting of at least one article on SRHR and stimulate fans to write their opinions on it.
To increase the response, ask them to share their views. For e.g. What do you think about this post?, "
Updating all events arranged by Aahung on its facebook page For e.g. "Mother's day celebration. theatre activity"
Timely respond the comments of fans and liking their comments and liking their comments if its good to encourage them to write again.
Cover pages are updating according to events For e.g. "for mother's day. we put our banners as cover page"
updating of staff's training information on page
We'll start to comment on other organization's page to get audience from them as well.
share their postings on our page to get the recognition from other organization's age as well.

(PROGRESS): Since our target was to increase the fans to 350 by November 2012 and we have increased our fan to 205 so it seems that our target is looking realistic and SMART for us, now we are working on building supportive networks with other organization's page

Use editorial calendar on (weekly basis) for updates of Face book and Twitter content. Modify it according to feedback.

At least 25 likes per post.
Use insights application on Face book to assess the current situation and need for improvement.

What do you need to do involve others in your organization?
  • Arrange training session to give them idea about these tool that how it is actually work for networking
  • Ask them to share their ideas and use their ideas also to build their interests ongoing basis.