**Action Learning Worksheet-Rutgers WPF**

Overall Goal: Increased awareness among young people on SRHR


  • Increase the no. of Facebook fans by 20% by the end of December 2012

  • Young people, media and CSOs

Look and Feel:
  • Catchy and attractive
  • Giving different messages using timeline cover photos
  • Pinning hot topic to the top of timeline

Work flow:
  • In consensus with social media policy of Rutgers WPF
  • All posts by Social Media team (IT Officer and Communication & Advocacy person)
  • Staff can share links using their personal IDs

Listening and Outreach:
  • Regular updates on Rutgers WPF social media networks
  • Linking Rutgers WPF facebook page with Rutgers WPF social media networks ( Website, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook group Baithak, Facebook page Schools4life and Blog)
  • Set up Netvibes and method for curating content for Facebook
  • Identify and explore other pages
  • Cross posting on other related networks working on same themes

  • Conversations on hot issues
  • Posting comments and questions


Sharing of following:
  • informative resources, statistics, activities & events,
  • pictures, reports and case studies
  • Polls and surveys
  • News coverage, articles

  • Using Facebook insights
  • No. of posts on each network, new users, likes, retweets or sharing, etc.
  • Gather data from insights and analyse them against editorial calendar
  • Reflections and improvemnt

What are some other areas of your organization's social media strategy or practice that you to work on in addition to Facebook during our phone calls?
  • How to maintain a strategic online presence
  • Content Curation
  • Blogging
  • How to cross-network

How do you need to do to involve others in your organization?
  • Sharing ideas
  • Contribution to our goal by sharing posts, resources, information etc.

Steps taken so far:
  • Learning from Social Media training shared with CR and communication person
  • Meeting between red, yellow and black dot (who wasn’t a part of training, but is a part of our social media team) to discuss further insights
  • Inviting and Introducing Black dot to Facebook Networked NGO group
  • Internal meetings and discussions on social media policy
  • Planning on using editorial calendar on monthly basis
  • Finalized draft on social media policy