• Identify objectives

To Build Meaningful Relationships with LEAD fellows.
To spread news and important information about your LEAD to a broad audience who are likely To share it to their own networks.
To share valuable information with our network to built trust.
To enhance our visibility in major search engines by posting regularly on social media pages.

  • Identify the audience
Govt. of Pakistan, Autonomous Govt. Agencies, Provincial Government, District Govt., NGOs, Private and Corporate Sector, Donor Agencies, General Masses, Academia, Media, LEAD Programs, LEAD Fellows, BOG.

Look and feel

Timeline format to be used for the page and cover photo will be rotated after every event.

Work flow

Communication department will be responsible to update the page.

Listening and Outreach

Under Process

  • Posting questions and networking
  • Respond in comments

Under process

  • Gather data from Insights
  • Analyze against editorial calendar
  • Reflection and improvement

What are some other areas of your organization’s social media strategy or practice that you want to work on in addition to Facebook during our phone calls? Here are some themes from the workshop, you don’t have to select everything.
Network Weaving
Network Mapping
Social Media Policy
Content Strategy
Strategic Online Presence
Content Curation

What do you need to do to involve others in your organization?