The 4 days training on Social Media for grantees was interesting and could be very useful for organization to become SM savvy. We would soon start its evaluation and monitoring of grantees for follow up on AL projects. I am trying to surf all SM pages that has been set up for Networked NGO page to assess who is visiting and using these pages and who seem to be facing some issues. It looks like that all grantees has completed the monkey survey for training evaluation.

I have monitored the Wiki over these past few weeks and have some idea on how everyone is on it. Looking forward for 23rd May telecon to learn further on Social Media policy updates. Well 23rd May call was marred by comdey of errors and Red Dots were not able to connect and speak with BK and SR. However it was better for YD who could connect thru chatting, several lessons were learnt with the most important one, not to depend on 'ready talk'. The call is now recheduled on June 1st morning and technology is tested beforehand to ensure smooth sailing. I checked all 8 organizations action learning journals on Wiki and except for one, each one has made good solid progress in drafting SMP. The fine tuning will result in Objectives of SM being real Smart. Good going folks!!!

Great work under progress by all 8 NGOs and had a review with Beth and Stephanie on June 1st telecon which went smooth without a glitch.