Keyword Tools

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RSS Reader
An RSS Reader will make it very easy for you scan the results of your searches on Twitter, Technorati, and Google Alerts.

Google Reader
There are many other readers - here's a comparison of features from Wikipedia

For tutorials and tips for using your RSS Reader.

Monitoring Tools: Basics

Just starting out? Use these four listening tools.

Google Alerts
Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. You can subscribe through email and RSS. Many people use their RSS readers to view these alerts and PR agencies use alerts to track their campaigns. You can monitor a news story, keep current with your industry and competitors and see who is writing about you.

Technorati, is the largest blog search engine in the world. Technorati tracks “blog reactions” or blogs that link to yours, upon registration. Search for your name on Technorati and subscribe to RSS alerts, so when someone blogs about you, you will know about it.

Facebook Monitoring Tools

You use tools like Facebook Open Search or Social Mention to search public information on Facebook to see if people are talking about your organization. Use this information to shape your content strategy.

Twitter Monitoring and Analysis Tools
The most valuable part of Twitter is using it to listen.

If you want to explore other tools, this article "40 Social Media Dashboard Tools" is an excellent resource.

Other Free Monitoring Tools

Yahoo Pipes
Omgili Forum
Who Is Talking: My review of this tool

TubeMogul allows users to upload and distribute video to the top video and social-networking sites, such as Vimeo, Crackle, Revver, Dailymotion, and YouTube, while vastly simplifying the task of tracking video-views data, ratings, and other key statistics—all of which are warehoused and exportable in the upper-tier paid version of the service.

**195+ Social Media Monitoring Tools**: A compilation of links and reviews by Sales Rescue Team and TJ McCue.

Tools to Find Influencers

Jason Falls's List for all platforms

Traacker and how to use it

Twitter/Social Network Analysis Tools

There are some free tools that can help you visualize your Twitter network or do quasi social network analysis on Twitter. Here’s a few that I’ve used.

Use Friend or Follow to download a spreadsheet of followers. Sort the information to find influencers and people to get to know. This works best if you have small network.

Mailana can help you identify people who are influencers. I wrote about an experiment I did last year using this tool. One problem is that it doesn’t analyze your network in real time. You submit the userid and then have to come back a few days later unless it is already in the database.

Twitalyzer is a terrific analytics tool that gives you some good benchmarking metrics for Twitter. Run the impact report to help you identify influencers.

Twiangulate lets you analyze cross over between your Twitter network and another Twitter user. This can be useful to find potential collaborators.

Mention Map helps you visualize who is interacting with you around which hashtags. It shows nodes on your network. There is not information about what exactly how the drawings are created though.

MyTweeple allows you to search your followers on Twitter by keyword, manage who you follow, quickly see who is following you and if it is mutual, keep notes on your followers, export the people that you follow or who follow you (up to 5,000) and more. This is a great tool to manage your followers and find people quickly.

NodeXL Created by a Marc Smith, a self-described “Internet Sociologist,” this FREE software works as an add-on template in Excel, allows you import data from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Email and create social network analysis maps. It doesn’t require that you know a programming language, although you need to understand the basic vocabularly of social network analysis and how to translate this to your social media strategy.

You can look at both Klout and PeerIndex to get a feel for how engaged a particular user is with their community. Take all single-score metrics with a grain of salt as to actual influence, but they can give you an idea if a particular user is active.

Twitter Search into Excel spreadsheet

Tools that track more than two months on Twitter -- the winners SocialPingvis Janet Fouts and via Avi Kaplan, snapbird

Doesn't let you search public tweets for keywords and phrases, but you can see past tweets for a specific twitter user way further back than twitter web will show you. (30 day free trial) lets you track the past 1,000 days of Twitter
Crowdbooster (free trial) helps you track a tweet's reach, and orders your followers by their follower count
RowFeeder (free to measure 1 term, paid plan starting at $5/month) puts all of your social media data into an excel doc and produces really good graphs.
And finally, an infographic showing many other tools related to Twitter.
Timely helps you figure out the best time to tweet.

There’s are more Twitter tools to explore here.

A Few Good Facebook Analytics Tools

All Facebook Stats
Facebook Central

List of best social analytics tool 2011

Social Media Management Tools

NutshellMail Free and easy tool to aggregate conversations on your social outposts in a single scheduled email. Discussion thread from my Facebook Page about how folks are using it. Read Manny Hernandez review.

Postling: Free dashboard tool heard about it from Devon Smith.

Paid Tools
Spredfast See James Young guest post on Beth's blog
Sprout Social
ObjectiveMarketer helps manage posts, analytics, and customer-engagement programs across multiple channels and creates custom landing pages for social media assets.
Vitrue links multiple Facebook communities, manages accounts, and provides reporting and analytics tools as well as a suite of applications that allow brands to better manage, moderate, schedule, and automatically publish across Facebook and Twitter.
Hootsuite helps manage multiple social media accounts across both Twitter and Facebook with a team of people. It also includes some analytics.
Ripple6 helps companies implement their business strategy in social media with social-networking software that offers content management and real-time insights, all in one social hub.

Professional Listening Tools

BuzzLogic Insights
Radian 6
Orchestra Platform
Reputation Defender
Sentiment Metrics
Visible Technologies
Brands Eye
Techrigy (review from TechCrunch)

Other Listening tool tips

Social Media Analytics Tools

14 Tools to Measure Your Social Media Influence
20 Tools To Measure Social Media

More options:
Sendible (30 day free trial) is a "platform for engaging with customers, measuring results and monitoring your brand across multiple social media channels at once"
Chartbeat (30 day free trial) is really great if you need to measure your website in real time. See the demo for a live demonstration. (30 day free trial) is similar to tracking, but integrated with Google Analytics.
FeedCompare allows you to compare blog subscriber stats with anyone who uses Feedburner.
TubeKit lets you automate some of your YouTube tracking.
Wordle is helpful visualizing common themes that come up in the comments/tweets about your organization. helps you track the virality of signups for a single event (if you use Plancast)